Guest blogging is a great marketing strategy for your site.  But after a while you realize how time-consuming it is to search for blogs and contact each individual owner.  You can save yourself a lot of trouble by utilizing a guest blogging service.  Here are a list of such sites.  The first is paid, the second has a free and paid service and the last one is 100% free.

Why Use a Guest Blogging Service?

Guest blogging can be tedious and tiresome.  You search for blogs in your niche, you look for their posting guidelines, you email the owner, they email you back and so on, and some day your post gets published… or not.

A guest blogging site can save you time.  When you use a service like this, you get the benefit of forums, tools or both to facilitate the guest post submission process for both the author and the host site.  The best guest posting services aren’t free– you pay a monthly premium to enjoy their features.  But for serious Internet marketing and blogging, it is worth it for many.  You also get to meet fellow bloggers and possibly make friends, if you are into that.

Now let’s review these sites: The Keyword Academy, My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up.  I’ve also seen Guest Blog It, but haven’t used it long enough to know much about it.

The Keyword Academy

The Keyword Academy isn’t just a guest blogging service.  It offers an Internet marketing course with emphasis on effective keyword strategies– SEO.  You get a free trial for a month, after which you can continue membership starting at $29.  Besides the course, The Keyword Academy also provides a guest blogging tool, a forum and a keyword research tool for its loyal members. Its the guest blogging tool that concerns us here.

Basically you submit guest posts to other website owners for consideration into their blogs.  Each article you write gets sent directly to the blog you choose via the guest posting plugin. The website owner has a week to accept, deny or ignore your post.  Websites are grouped into categories for easy searching.  You can view a list of your posts along with their publishing status, keywords and other details.

Last time I checked, The Keyword Academy’s guest blogging service was open only to paying members.  Naturally this limits your choices because there will always be more publishers that want posts for free than those who’ll pay for membership in a make money online course.  However the website has a very active community and seems to be thriving.

As far as the rate of acceptance goes, I believe website owners at TKA are becoming more picky now as the program leads its students toward making higher quality sites.  I heard that they were planning to add new features to their guest blogging service.  But I don’t know when or if this has been done.

The Keyword Academy is owned and managed by Mark Butler who seems very fair, honest and helpful.

My Blog Guest

Unlike The Keyword Academy, the site My Blog Guest is a purely guest blogging site.  There’s no Internet marketing guru here.  The site has forums that’s free for everyone as well as guest blogging tools for paying members.

In the forums, you can solicit guest posts for your site or offer articles for others to post in their own sites.  The quality of sites vary but generally they seem to have high standards.  You will find sites that range from PR0 to PR5 sites here.  Opportunities are plentiful.  And because the forums are free, you don’t have to pay anything to use the site.  That’s a HUGE plus.

The premium services are for those who want the convenience and benefits of a guest blogging system.  With the system in My Blog Guest, you can post multiple articles in an article library, rate fellow users, make offers on articles, and more. You also gain access to a members-only forum.

The main difference between The Keyword Academy’s and My Blog Guest’s premium guest posting systems is this:  In the former, you send one article to one blog at a time; in the latter, you submit an article to an article gallery where publishers can view the summary and make an offer to publish your article if they like it, though you also have the option to send directly to a particular blog.  If you get multiple offers, you’ll be able to decide which site you like best for your article.

The owner, Ann Smarty, is a wonderful administrator.  She always responds to inquiries, moderates discussions and keeps track of quality guest posting sites.

I think you will find more opportunities to guest blog in My Blog Guest than The Keyword Academy.  Also, the system wherein you can choose from multiple offers seems more attractive and efficient than having to wait on one publisher at a time.  This system also increases the odds of a publisher getting only the articles they really want, because there are website owners who’ll accept posts sent to them (in TKA and elsewhere) simply because they don’t want to deny/reject  submissions.

However TKA does have other benefits such as their ebook, weekly webinars and keyword tool.  And let me tell you, when it comes to Internet marketing courses, TKA is top-notch.  If Mark ever opens up the publisher’s end of his guest blogging service to the public (i.e. for free), I am sure they will get more websites there.

I suggest you try both sites.  My Blog Guest initially cost $20 starting but is now $30.  It’ll probably go higher up as they add more features.

Blogger Link Up

Blogger Link Up is a totally free guest blogging service.  It’s email-based.  You subscribe and the site sends you a newsletter a couple of times a week.  Each email consists of a list of guest blogging sites and guest articles.  When you find a site to guest post to, you can email the owner.  It’s very simple but effective.   You’ll get plenty of responses fast.

The only downside to Blogger Link Up is the process is rather slow with all the emailing back and forth.  But it’s free, so it costs nothing to try this along with the other two I’ve mentioned.

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  1. Harriet on April 1, 2012 11:46 am

    I enjoy reading guest posts on blogs. To me it seems that the poster wants to reach a larger audience, which is understandable but I also think it helps to strengthen the blogging community and build bridges between bloggers.
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia X8My Profile

  2. Ann Smarty on April 2, 2012 8:42 am

    Thanks for featuring That’s a very useful comparison of features.

    My take: use all available tools and decide for yourself! There’s no perfect one!
    Ann Smarty recently posted..Guest Article Brainstorming and Re-Focusing (Summary) #myblogguestMy Profile

  3. Blog Lady on April 2, 2012 2:38 pm

    You’re welcome! And thanks for this excellent service, Ann! I agree it is worth it to test different services.
    Blog Lady recently posted..5 Ways to Recognize Social Media TrendsMy Profile




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