How the Facebook Marketplace Works

Facebook Marketplace is an application on Facebook that allows users to post items for sale or purchase items for sale from other Facebook users. These product listings will appear in your friends’ Facebook news feed. They will also appear in the general Marketplace directory in your local area, so anyone—not just your friends—have the opportunity to buy your product.

Facebook Marketplace is free to use for individuals. Companies or professionals can also benefit from using the service, but they have to pay a monthly fee. Every listing that is published will remain active for 30 days, and other users can leave comments. Listings can be re-posted every 24 hours so that they remain current in the news feed.

Whether you want to buy or sell items, Facebook Marketplace is really easy to use.

Step 1: Go to Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be tricky to find on its own, so it is best to access the application by going to the following address directly:

Step 2: Log In to Facebook

If you are already a Facebook user, simply log in. If you are not a Facebook user, signing up is free and easy. Go to the Facebook home page, fill out the Sign Up information and click the Sign Up button.

Step 3: Browse

Facebook Marketplace will default to your closest location. When you’re signed in, you can see listings from everyone in your local area, not just those items or services listed by your friends. You can alter your settings to see those items posted only from people you know or to browse items in a specific category by using the menu along the left-hand side. Scroll through the news feed just like you would on your personal page to see all of the available listings.

Step 4: Post a Listing

At the top of the Marketplace page is a box that looks similar to a status update box on your personal Facebook page. You can choose to Ask a question, Search for specific items, or Post an item for sale.

The Ask section allows users to ask for specific items. For example, a user can write “Does anyone have a lawnmower they are looking to sell?” If another user sees the question and has a lawnmower they want to sell, they can answer the original poster.

The Search field works similarly to the Ask function, except rather than asking a full and detailed question, you can type in keywords for items you are searching for.

If you want to post an item for sale, click on the Post button, and type in your listing description. When you are finished, click the Post button. Your item can now be viewed by your friends as well as everyone else in your local area.

Step 5: Buy and Sell

Facebook Marketplace does not use any secure form of payment software. Instead, users must decide where to meet and how to complete their transactions.

If you are looking to make some extra cash by selling a few items, Facebook Marketplace is a great way to reach people in your area. Take some time to peruse the application and get to know its features, and when you’re ready, start buying and selling.

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Charlie Adams is a tech guru and internet expert who works as a consultant to telecommunications companies in the Las Vegas area. He is also a grammar fanatic and will not even consider letting other people see his work until he has proofed it using a grammar checker. He is currently becoming involved with an association of entrepreneurs.


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  1. Harriet on March 27, 2012 11:32 am

    This is interesting as I always saw Facebook marketplace as something that was just annoying and gave me loads of notifications. But I guess it can be useful from what you’ve said here.
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