Are Facebook apps and games bugging you?  Perhaps you just want to stop using applications on Facebook altogether?   Before you block Facebook apps and/or games, decide whether you want to block all apps and games, only a particular application or only a specific function of an application.  There are different ways to block apps on […]


Keyword mapping should be one of your primary tasks in building a website. Neglecting it is like going to war without a battle plan. A keyword map lays out a content plan for your site starting at the root or home page, and ending with very specific items. But a keyword map is more than […]

Keyword tools are an essential part of every Internet marketing/SEO campaign, but they can be quite expensive.  Thankfully you can get to try one for free before you decide to buy.  Check out the Free WordTracker Tool 7 day trial.   Yes, it’s that WordTracker.  So if you want to supercharge your keyword research and SEO, […]

Can you change the default Facebook background color into a different color or even a picture?  Yes, you can.  But not in Facebook itself.  Many people have wished that they could customize the Facebook login home page, but the social networking giant seems set on keeping everybody in uniform.  Luckily, you’ve got third-party tools to […]

These Facebook linking tips form part of a resource page in my Facebook blog.  Read on to learn: How to Change a Link or Link Name on Facebook How to Change the Thumbnail on Facebook Link How to Create a Link on Facebook Page How to Find a Link on Facebook How to Change a […]

Now here’s how to share another user’s links and how to share Facebook links via email. How to Share Someone Else’s Link on Facebook How to Put a Facebook Link on My Email How to Send a Link to Everyone on Facebook How to Share Someone Else’s Link on Facebook When someone shares a link, […]

Linking to specific sections in a page saves your visitors time. Rather than leaving them to scroll around an article on their own, you can take them straight to the target with area-specific links. You can do this with regular Web pages and with blog posts as well.  In WordPress, you simply assign a unique […]

After covering Facebook linking basics in a previous post, this article looks at more link how-to’s: How to Erase a Link on Facebook How to Delete a Shared Link on Facebook How to Block a Link on Facebook How to Erase a Link on Facebook You can’t edit a link once it’s published.  If you […]

Sometimes Facebook makes changes that you wish it hadn’t.  In the current version of the social networking site, there’s no way you can quickly access your own posted links.  Thankfully, there’s always third-party applications that can help.  In this case, you can try an app called Find My Posted Links.  Its official Facebook page reports […]

Linking is at the heart of sharing on the Internet.  You use hyperlinks to send Web pages, share online photo albums, dedicate ecards and more.  Here begins a series on one of Facebook’s most basic features: Facebook links. It covers: How to Insert a Link in a Facebook Status How to Insert a Link in […]

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