Trying to decide whether a Facebook Page or Group would be better for you?   It depends on what you need.  Pages are great for a business, a brand or a public personality; while Groups allow users to connect based on a common interest or passion.  Compare the features to better understand what each has to […]


Guest blogging is a powerful link-building tool.  To keep track of your progress, it’s helpful to save a record of your activities.  For this, one can build a guest blogging spreadsheet or table. What Is a Guest Blogging Spreadsheet for? You use a guest blogging spreadsheet to get a clear picture of your contributions to […]

It’s a big disappointment for many a novice Internet marketer to find out that not all niches make a lot of money.  Seems unfair when you are passionate about a topic and blog about it everyday and get so little in  return.  But that’s the reality for many.  The truth is, out of all those […]

Getting visitors to like your Web pages is one thing, and getting them to follow your Facebook Page is another.  Or is it?  Looking closely at the Like Button controls and the instructions, we find it’s easy to link that small button directly to a Fan Page.  And you don’t have to use that annoying […]

Social media is here to stay, and it is changing the Internet marketing and SEO game. More and more bloggers and website owners are embracing this change and adopting a social marketing strategy of some kind, usually involving Facebook and Twitter.  Because you are reading this, the chances are you have decided to make a […]

Netflix Login Tips

January 15, 2012 | 1 Comment

Netflix is one of several cheaper alternatives to cable television.  If you want to give yourself the best viewing experience on it, learn to customize its recommendations, share it with family and take advantage of its special offers. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Filing a tax return often raises questions, and until now professional advice hasn’t been cheap.  But TurboTax has changed this with its free tax advice service that its users can get over the phone or online chat.  The one “catch” to it is the software itself is free only for simple tax returns; you pay […]

Blogging and website maintenance require as much discipline and dedication as does any “normal” job, if not more so.  You don’t have a superior or employer to answer to, and no one tells you what to do.  To get things done, you must know how to plan your actions and monitor your progress on your […]

Most bloggers and website owners would concede that active link-building is an important part of their SEO campaign.  While not absolutely necessary– and there are some who do no link-building at all– it does help to spread word about your site sooner than otherwise. Two link-building techniques that are similar yet different in their approach […]

Statuses are a quick way to know what’s up with your friends.  But recent status updates from your contacts can get buried amid other stories in the busy Facebook News Feed. Wouldn’t it be nice to see statuses only when you’re in a hurry, or simply don’t care about funny videos or game updates? Turn […]

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