These days it seems like the web is dominated by social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the latest Web 2.0 addiction, Pinterest. For traditional businesses it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the fast moving pace of today’s web. However with a little know-how even the most basic of brick-and-mortar businesses can stay connected to the web through social media.

Strategy 1: Social Media Contests

Contests are tried-and-true method of generating visitors and sales to your business. Offline businesses have used contests for many years, but with the wonderful world of social media we can take these contests straight into the 21st century. Common social media contests include twitter contests, blog carnivals and opt-in giveaways. In each of these methods the ideal outcome is to get your fans talking about you in social media in the hopes of receiving a prize.

Strategy 2: Guest Posts

Guest posts, such as this one, are a great way to connect with other bloggers and as a result, connect with more people on the web. As you do guest posts for other sites your name will get out there and people will begin to talk about your business. The more people talking about your business, the more of a social media presence you will have. Don’t be surprised if these simple guest posts bring in many visitors via Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

More social media marketing strategies

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Your success in article marketing will be greatly affected by your writing habits. Here are 5 best writing habits for article marketers:

1. Make writing your priority of the day.

If your main focus is on article marketing, you have to make writing your priority of the day. It means that whenever you turn on your computer, writing must be the first thing that you do with your computer. This is one effective way to make your article writing more productive. The more articles that you write, the more profit you will make. So, if you make your writing a priority, you will be able to write more articles in a day.

2. Write when you feel comfortable but publish at least one article each day.

The best time to write is when you feel comfortable. If you write comfortably, you will come up with a great article. You will not have any difficulty to come up with the idea for your article. It will just flow to you, and you just keep writing. Whenever you feel comfortable in particular day, write as many articles as you want to write. But, if you feel uncomfortable in any particular day, make sure to publish at least one article in that day. In this way, your traffic will keep going without interruption.

3. Brainstorm good article titles each night.

It is better for you to come up with good titles before you begin writing your article. That’s why it is important for you to brainstorm good article titles each night. Spend some 30 minutes to list about 30 good article titles related to your niche. It will greatly help you to eliminate writer’s block when you begin writing in the next day.

4. Write with a stopwatch.

Most article writers can write one article within 30 minutes. Sometimes, they are able to write more articles in 30 minutes depending on their typing speed and their inspiration. If you think that you are writing too slowly, make sure to train yourself to write faster. One of the best ways to do this is to use stopwatch when you write your article. In this way you can see how much time you will need to complete one article. Remember, since you’re an article marketer, you don’t need to write long article. Basically you will only need to write 400+ words article and it shouldn’t take a long time to finish one article. So, test your skill and improve your writing speed from time to time.

5. Create an outline before writing.

Another important advice for you is to create an outline before you write your article. It will be easier to write an article with an outline. It’s as if you’re going to your destination with a GPS in hand. You’ll know what to write and you will write without interruption. Without an outline, it will be difficult for you to write your article unless if you know clearly about what to write.

Those are 5 best writing habits that you should follow if you want to be an effective article marketer.

Elijah is a contributor to where you can get some useful resources when it comes to choosing your car insurance.

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Knowing what people like to share and not share can save you a lot of wasted effort on Facebook.  Not all content is equal.  Even if there is always an audience interested in what you have to say – no matter how small or big – that content isn’t likely to go viral on Facebook unless it has universal appeal.  In this, Facebook marketing is different from marketing in other social media such as Twitter.  Unlike the often technology-savvy Twitter user, Facebook users are much more mainstream.  You have to stick to what’s popular among, and understood by, the majority of average people if you want to be marketable.

So you want to know what are the most shared and least shared terms on Facebook are to make your content more shareable.

The most shared and least shared words on Facebook

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Anybody who considers him- or herself a professional or has a brand identity to promote needs LinkedIn. More than just another social network, it now boasts in excess of 120 million professional business users, including some major industry leaders.

Whilst it is not the ‘done thing’ to approach people on LinkedIn as it is with Facebook, there are ways to get a foot in the door, so to speak and that is LinkedIn Answers. This is a much underused tool and one that every marketer needs to get to know. Here are a few ideas on how to use it.

Learn to leverage LinkedIn

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There are many reasons to create a blog. Individuals create blogs as a way to express their feelings on a given subject. Professional writers may use a blog as a way to market themselves to future clients. Companies use blogs as a way to gain more attention for their goods and services. Marketing that blog is an important way for it to be seen by the masses. How can you use Facebook to promote and market your blog?

Use Facebook To Attract Attention To Yourself

Your Facebook fan page can be something that you use just to gain a following. This means you can promote anything that you find to be interesting. Whatever content you put on your Facebook page doesn’t even have to be about writing necessarily. All it needs to do is be useful information that gives off the impression that you are worth turning to for attention.

Self-promotion on Facebook

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Guest blogging is a great marketing strategy for your site.  But after a while you realize how time-consuming it is to search for blogs and contact each individual owner.  You can save yourself a lot of trouble by utilizing a guest blogging service.  Here are a list of such sites.  The first is paid, the second has a free and paid service and the last one is 100% free.

Why Use a Guest Blogging Service?

Guest blogging can be tedious and tiresome.  You search for blogs in your niche, you look for their posting guidelines, you email the owner, they email you back and so on, and some day your post gets published… or not.

A guest blogging site can save you time.  When you use a service like this, you get the benefit of forums, tools or both to facilitate the guest post submission process for both the author and the host site.  The best guest posting services aren’t free– you pay a monthly premium to enjoy their features.  But for serious Internet marketing and blogging, it is worth it for many.  You also get to meet fellow bloggers and possibly make friends, if you are into that.

Now let’s review these sites: The Keyword Academy, My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up.  I’ve also seen Guest Blog It, but haven’t used it long enough to know much about it.

Best guest blogging websites

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Social media is an increasingly important part of peoples’ lives — not just in sharing the mundane aspects about their daily routines, but in making product recommendations, sharing experiences, and warning others of poor performance or service.

Social media is, in effect, the largest possible marketing tool — or nightmare — that most companies have. While big companies tend to be frightened by the power that social media holds, small or resourceful companies can recognize trends and use them to great marketing benefit. There are five great ways to recognize and interact with these trends in order to use them to your advantage, rather than get swept up in bad press and poor user reviews of your services.

Understanding social media trends

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Lots of businesses and companies turn to social media sites to help them increase their publicity and popularity. Facebook is one of those sites which help different kinds of businesses and organizations reach their target audience through a simple and interactive site that is truly enjoyable to navigate. They create fan pages and business or personal accounts which they make visible and accessible to their potential customers. Facebook then helps them get more brand visibility by drawing in traffic to their pages as well as their supplementary websites and blogs.

So how can you maximize the marketing benefits that Facebook has to offer? What can you do place in your pages to attract your prospective clients? Here are some pointers to help you get started in your online Facebook marketing work:

Beginner’s guide to Facebook marketing

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How the Facebook Marketplace Works

Facebook Marketplace is an application on Facebook that allows users to post items for sale or purchase items for sale from other Facebook users. These product listings will appear in your friends’ Facebook news feed. They will also appear in the general Marketplace directory in your local area, so anyone—not just your friends—have the opportunity to buy your product.

Facebook Marketplace is free to use for individuals. Companies or professionals can also benefit from using the service, but they have to pay a monthly fee. Every listing that is published will remain active for 30 days, and other users can leave comments. Listings can be re-posted every 24 hours so that they remain current in the news feed.

Whether you want to buy or sell items, Facebook Marketplace is really easy to use.

Using Facebook Marketplace step by step

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It’s all too easy to take our Facebook accounts for granted.  But if you read the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, there are a few other things besides the obvious that would amount to violating the site’s terms of use. By obvious, I mean the really obvious stuff you read about in any website’s terms of service:  don’t use the service for hate and racist causes, don’t post anything illegal or indecent, don’t violate intellectual property rights, don’t upload viruses…  You know how it goes.  Well, Facebook expects a little more of its users to help ensure it remains a safe and wholesome place for everyone.

1. Logging in to Facebook with another user’s account.

If you read the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, you may not use another person’s Facebook account password, log in to their account or even create an account for someone else.  By the way, this also means you shouldn’t ask for someone else’s Facebook login information.

2. Sending commercial communications.

Say you found an affiliate program online.  If you can convince your friends to join, you earn a commission.  If you decide to send messages to everyone you know about this great opportunity to make money or whatnot, you could be accused of spamming.  And you are.  Oh, and no pyramid schemes either (a.k.a. multi-level marketing or MLM).

More things you shouldn’t be doing on Facebook

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